Buy Water Ionizer Machine (Dual Function - Alkaline / Acidic)



The Reta PH Water Ionizer Machine

For only $299.99 (Challenge yourself to find it online cheaper!), make Alkaline water or Acid water within seconds through Electrolysis using our Water Ionizer Machine.

2 Years Extended Warranty.

Fast and Free Shipping!

Not Satisfied? Return it within 14 days to get a risk-free full refund!

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Full Installation Kit

You will receive all necessary installation parts, instruction booklet, and a USA / UK / Australia Plug depending on where you are located. 

Rest assured that you will get full support when you need it. Simply contact us and we will respond as soon as we get to work.

After Sales Support

Our Customer Service support do not just stop right there after your purchasing the Water Ionizer Machine. We have, most importantly, you to take care of.  

Just reach for us directly on the contact us page, or find us on social media by clicking on the various buttons found below this section.

We do appreciate your patience, however, as with our hard working staff dealing behind our desk, our working hours (SGT +8.00) are from 9am to 6pm, do give us a working day to reply. 

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Why Buy from Reta PH? 8 Reasons

  • Paypal and Major Credit Cards Accepted

    Buy with confidence and assurance. We work with Paypal for many years to give you the ultimate buyer protection available.

  • Constant Innovation Since 1985

    We have been around for decades, manufacturing water filters, water ionizers, cartridges. With constant innovation and research, Nobody does it better.

  • Major Shipping Companies

    We use Fedex, DHL, UPS depending on your country. Only the best performing shipping companies work with us to provide you fast service.

  • Free Shipping Worldwide

    Yes, shipping is always free, on Fedex, DHL and UPS. We are long term partners with these companies, working to pass you HUGE savings.

  • Used by Hundreds of Public Hospitals

    Since 2009, We have been producing ionized alkali water to patients via government and private hospitals through our water ionizer machine.

  • Less than 1% Return Rate on Products

    Due to our excellent manufacturing experience and records, we achieve less than 1% on return / repair rate. All orders receive 1 year warranty.

  • Superior Manufacturing Materials

    We source materials from only the top quality suppliers from Germany and Japan. Our Titanium plates and other parts last for years!

  • Affordable, Lowest Cost, Most Value for Money

    You've probably done some research. Our competitors' prices can range between $600 to over thousands and up. We choose to leave out things unnecessary.